VMM not connected to Azure Site Recovery

I got the following error in my ASR lab a couple of weeks ago, and finally had the time to look into it. It caused my replication to stop working, so had it been a production environment, it would have been critical.


Clicking it showed this:


Error ID 582

Error Message: The VMM Server ‘vmm01.demo.cloudpuzzles.net’ isn’t connected.

Possible Causes: Required services may not be running on the VMM server ‘vmm01.demo.cloudpuzzles.net”

I started checking VMM, the service was running, internet connection was fine, no proxy settings needed or the like. Next I checked Settings –> Azure Site Recovery in VMM and saw this error:


VMM cannot complete the Virtual Server operation on the VMM01 server because of the error: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery Provider couldn’t be initialized. Reason: (There was no endpoint listening at https://pod01-srs1.ne.hypervrecoverymanager.windowsazure.com/srsrestapi/subscription/vmm/layout/protected that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See InnerException, if present, for more details.)

This is where it hit me, that Azure Site Recovery in ARM is currently in preview, and a lot has changed over the past few weeks. Could it be that this URL had changed? I’m not sure, but my curiosity told me to enable traffic monitoring so I can find out, more on that later Winking smile

Anyways, I also remembered that Update Rollup 12 for Azure Site Recovery Provider was just released, so I downloaded the update from here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/kb/3155000 and installed it on my VMM server (didn’t reregister!):


Almost immediately it was resolved:


Replication started working, and everything was fine. I did a failover just to test, and it worked perfectly Smile


So what’s the lesson? Keep your infrastructure up to date – and follow instructions when troubleshooting. Hopefully replication won’t stop working like this when Azure Site Recovery in ARM is GA.

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