Unable to resize Azure VM in Classic Portal

I’ve run into this error a couple of times now, when trying to resize Azure VM’s:

Resize Azure VM Classic

The current deployment cannot be updated with the API version specified. This is because the current deployment contains multiple virtual IPs created with a newer version of the service management API.

So, my Cloud Service has multiple public IP addresses, and therefore I cannot resize the VM. Makes sense, no?

After some tests, I tried the same action from the new Azure portal – https://portal.azure.com:

Resize Azure VM New Portal

And guess what it worked! Now it makes sense! No, not really.

Resize Azure VM New Portal

Just out of curiosity I tried doing it from the Classic portal again, but no luck. Do I need to say how much I want to migrate to ARM, like NOW?! 🙂

One comment

  1. Thank you! If it wasn’t for this article, I probably would have had a very long, frustrating night wondering WTF was wrong with my VM.


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