Can’t add NAT rule to VM network in VMM

I ran in to what appears to be a GUI bug in VMM recently. I wanted to add a NAT rule to a VM network, which was already connected to a gateway (I’m using Hyper-V Network Virtualization on the network) and had been assigned a public IP from the pool. When I opened properties for the network I got this error:

No IP address is currently available from any IP pool. To enable NAT, first ensure that at least one IP address pool exists for the selected logical network, and that at least one IP address is available from a pool.

As you can the network has a public IP assigned so it doesn’t really make sense. I turned to my logical network, and could see that I indeed had run out of public IP adresses:


Since I had reserved a few IP adresses in the pool for other stuff, I tried releasing one of them, and immediately I could add NAT rules again:


Could this really be true? I tried reserving the IP i released earlier in the pool, to test if this was also the case when using PowerShell:


So that worked, which tells me this is a bug in VMM GUI.

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