Campus Days, Cloud OS Network and more..

As can be seen on the amount of new posts here, it’s been a busy couple of months – not writing, but lot’s of other great things. I’ve been involved in several cool projects around Hyper-V, VMM, Azure Pack and Microsoft Azure, and I shuold have some posts coming up on the learnings I’ve done here.

I’ve also spoken at 3 Cloud OS Network events about Hyper-V, VMM and Azure Pack and everything around these products. It was my first time as a “speaker” so I was very excited, and completely wasted afterwards. Turned out 3 full day events in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Reykjavik is tough when you haven’t tried it before 🙂 It was a good experience and very exciting to hear all the questions and concerns people have, especially on network virtualization (NVGRE) and storage spaces.

I’m also excited to say that I’ve got my first conference speaking coming up! It’s a session at Campus Days in Copenhagen in 2 weeks, which is a small danish Microsoft event for IT Pro’s, and I’ll be speaking about Windows 10 deployment and all the great new features we get here. If you’re attending Campus Days, make sure to come by, or at least stop by the solvo it booth and say hi – I’ll try to stick around on day 3, I’m not sure I’ll have the time to be there all 3 days.

That’s it for now, watch out for posts on Azure Pack, Azure, and Windows 10 the coming weeks!

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