Windows Azure Pack – Error when registering SPF in Service Management Portal

I’ve been exploring Windows Azure Pack (WAP) the last couple of weeks and ran into many errors – mostly caused by myself and my “trial and error” approach 🙂

One of the issues was registering Service Provider Foundation (SPF) in Service Management Portal. After some searching I found Marc Van Eijk’s – a.k.a. the WAP Guru – blogpost on installing and configuring WAP where he described the process. As he explains you’ll need a local account on your SPF server which is a member of SPF_Admin, SPF_Provider and SPF_VMM.

Since I’ve been installing, testing and deleting my WAP servers multiple times I’ve tried to memorize the process and not follow the guides every time. This caused a few errors or 10, one of which I’ll describe here:

I installed SPF and added then user, but when registering SPF I got this error: There was an error updating System Center Service Provider Foundation.



Clicking details will show you: The service URL or credentials are not valid.


Since I knew the URL is correct, it was pretty obvious that something is not right with the user, so after checking password was entered correctly I moved on and checked logs on the server hosting the admin site. There I could see the same error – and more info – as in the portal under MgmtSvc-AdminSite eventid 12:


Not that much information so moving on to SPF, checking ManagementOdataService log eventid 4004 will give you the reason:

This is where I realized that I forgot to restart the SPF websites after adding svc_spf_reg to the groups. Doing this helped:



So, remember to check those things not only when installing, but also if you reconfigure those settings!

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  1. I made the same mistake as you did, well sort of, I added a domain service account to the local groups instead of the local account. Anyway your blog helped me to figure it out – quickly, thanks!


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